The Donohoe Group, an elite real estate agency, works with clients across Los Angeles. They have bought and sold homes in the city’s most desirable areas, including Hancock Park, Topanga, Studio City, Encino, Bell Canyon, Pacific Palisades, Westwood, and Calabasas. Their network and expertise are priceless in the complex and nuanced Los Angeles real estate market.  The Donohoe Group agents go where they are needed as their diverse clientele explores the many exceptional neighborhoods available in the San Fernando Valley and Westside.


“The two of you are superstars.  I am stunned speechless whenever in your presence and lay prostate at your feet worshipping the Real Estate Gods of Encino.  Though, for all the hours you put in marketing and selling 3450 White Rose Way, you may have worked for about minimum wage.  Over the last 40 years I have bought and sold many houses and been a rental landlord, and I have never come across real estate agents of your quality.  As a team, you are informed, smart, attentive and most of all honest.”

Jim Burns, Westwood